About Us

Andrew Ferguson

A passion for indoor plants and a love of sharing his knowledge with his customers has led Andrew Ferguson, proud father of two girls, business owner and operator of Tropical Plant Rentals (Hunter Valley) with 16 years in the indoor plant industry on to a new and exciting venture.

Selling ex rental plants needing love, Andrew noticed a growing trend in the revival of indoor plants in home styling over the past few years. With a greater demand of people buying plants, he decided to start supplying new plants at discounted rates.

A young at heart, fitness buff and nature lover who enjoys meeting new people and seeing their eyes light up with sheer joy when he hands over their new plant. Andrew has decided to move this indoor plant venture out of his garage online and beyond - Love My Plants.

With a newly fitted out premises on the ground floor and first floor in East Maitland's most historic sandstone buildings on the New England Highway, Andrew stocks and displays a great range of healthy, indoor plants including impressive indoor plants up to 10 foot high; Happy Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Kentia Palms, Bird of Paradise and Golden Cane Palms with plans of running  workshops where he will share his knowledge and experience on all things indoor plants.

Andrew loves that indoor plants bring a bit of nature inside to an unnatural environment. Where people’s energies are altered and their moods lightened. And his favourite indoor plant of all time? - a Happy Plant, ‘I love the look and sound of it. It has a dead looking stem that life just springs out of with its bright leaves’.

Love My Plants - bringing joy and happiness to people’s lives with plants for their home - sharing the love.