Why are my leaves turning yellow?

The sunny days of summer are well and truly behind us * insert sad face and a recent question on our Instagram story asking me, Why are my plant's leaves turning yellow? had me thinking to  share this answer with the whole Love My Plants community - so here goes. 

Most of you may have noticed a subtle change in your indoor greenery – yellowing leaves. I have with my plant babies. 

Before you hit the panic button, let's explore this natural phenomenon and how to give your plants a little extra TLC during this transition period.


Unravelling the Mystery of Yellowing Leaves:

  1. Autumn Arrives: Just like us reaching for cozy hoodies, our indoor plants also adjust to the changing seasons. With shorter days and cooler temperatures, their leaves may start to yellow as they prepare for the slower growth pace of autumn. It's like they're shedding their summer attire and donning their autumn colours.

  2. Dialing Down the Water: As the weather cools down, our plants' water needs decrease too. Overwatering during this time can lead to soggy soil and unhappy roots, resulting in yellowing leaves. 

  3. Nutrient Check: Sometimes, yellowing leaves can signal a hunger strike from our plants. If they're not getting the right balance of nutrients, they may start to show signs of distress. A little nutrient boost can go a long way in perking them up and restoring their green glory.

Simple Solutions for Happy Plants:

  1. Snip Away: If you spot any yellowing leaves (I'm talking about the ones down the bottom not the new growth), don't fret! Grab your scissors and give them a gentle trim. It's like a fresh start for your plant, allowing it to focus its energy on new growth.

  2. Water Wisely: Check the soil moisture or feel the weight of you pot plant before watering and resist the urge to overdo it. Let the soil dry out slightly between waterings to prevent root rot and fungus infections and to keep your plants happy.

  3. Feed Them Right: Consider giving your plants a little nutritional boost with a balanced fertiliser. Just like us reaching for a multivitamin, this can help replenish any missing nutrients and support healthy growth. I recommend some slow release fertiliser and liquid nutrients from We The Wild. 

So, there you have it, plant lovers! Yellowing leaves may seem alarming, but it's all part of the natural rhythm of the seasons. By understanding the causes and providing a little extra care, we can ensure our indoor jungle stays lush and vibrant all year round.

With warmth and appreciation,


 Interior Plant & Design Stylist with 4 years industry experience