Plant styling my first home - Halyna's house!


Last night I attended the fabulous cocktail launch party for Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle magazine at Castle del Mar. Congratulations to Nikki and her team. This seasonal magazine keeps you up to date with stunning local homes, where to eat/drink and play across the Hunter, Newcastle and Central Coast. 

Whilst mingling and chatting to the array of different people and sharing about what I do. I'd receive responses like 'Wow! that's so cool, no-one else is doing that?'  and "I just moved into a new house, you're exactly the person I need to help me."  

It got me pondering about where I first started this bespoke interior plant styling service offered by Love My Plants. 

Halyna had just moved into a brand new, beautiful home on the Central Coast. She had followed what I was sharing on social media and contacted me asking if I would be open to suggesting suitable plants and pots for her new home. 

This was a blank slate! Halyna had owned some indoor plants before but didn't take any to this new house. She was an avid gardener and had just completed all the outdoor landscaping and planting and now it was time for inside. 


Plants - Tall, mature not tropical, no palms, no variegated leaves. 

Plants - to compliment magnolia trees and silver shrubbery in landscaping/gardens  (as there were huge glass windows the indoor and outdoor plants blended so needed to compliment each other hence no tropical plant themes) 

Pots - chic, colour and style to complement current decor

Layout - simple, minimal no pot clusters or multiply pots (even though I did want to go to town here and fill every spare corner with 3 plant pot clusters)  :)



In keeping to Halyna's brief together with suitability of the indoor lighting environment - I opted for Burgundy Rubber Plants in low white pots near the windows of the kitchen and dinning areas to compliment the outdoor magnolia trees. 

Tall fiddle, leaf figs in white, slimline pots for the loungerooms and living areas. These added instant greenery and had plenty of room to grow with the high ceilings.

A stunning large, leafy Sensation for the dark entrance in a tall white pot to add some life for guests on arrival. 

Parlour palms in low white pots for the bathrooms and a stunning Devil's Ivy trailing plant hanging in a matt white pot above the free standing bath in the ensuite. 

It was minimal, elegant and livened up the mood of the spaces beautifully without being too over the top. 

Once the plants and pots were installed, I then educated Halyna on how to care for and water the plants with the self-watering system that had been set-up for each plant. She also had on-going after care support from me for plant care and maintenance ever since.

That was 3 years ago!!!

The home has recently sold and the new owners have the beautiful plants all ready to go (with some pot watering instructions from me over the phone). 

From Halyna: 

Rachel, from Love My Plants was amazing to work with. We had very large empty spaces which she styled perfectly with large plants and pots. She is very knowledgeable and professional and I wouldn't hesitate recommending her services


Curious about what designs and ideas I could come up with for spaces in your home?

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